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U.S. Delegation at Bermuda Conference Says Immigration Laws Hamper Refugee Entrance

The American delegation to the Anglo-American conference on refugees claimed at today’s session that more than 500,000 Nazi victims have already been admitted to the United States, and indicated that it was doubtful that America would admit additional refugees on a large scale, since the U.S. immigration laws and the lack of shipping facilities make the entrance of immigrants into the United States difficult.

Sir Bernard Reilly, British Colonial Office expert who reported yesterday to the refugee conference on the posibilities of receiving more refugees in the British colonies, today declared that the policy of the British Government with regard to admitting Jewish immigrants to Palestine remains the same as outlined in the White Paper of 1939.

Sir Bernard emphasized that preference will be given to Jewish children in granting visas to the more than 33,800 Jews who can still enter Palestine under the White Paper from April 1 of the current year until the end of March, 1944. He declared that the food problem in Palestine is at present “not critical” insofar as it would affect admitting the Jewish refugees under the White Paper limitations and expressed the hope that transportation facilities could be provided unless unforseeable war exigencies arise.