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Slovakian Jews Arrested in Hungary; Official Jailed for Flouting Anti-jewish Laws

A lightening police raid on the Rumbach Street area of Budapest this week netted 32 Jews charged with having slipped into Hungary from Slovakia illegally, it is reported in Budapest papers reaching here today. The arrested Jews were sent to concentration camps. A Hungarian accused of sheltering eight Slovakian Jewish youths in his home was sentenced to five months imprisonment.

Hungarian newspapers also reveal that Dr. Frigyes Siklossy, a retired official of the Central Financial Institute, has received a four months jail sentence for suggesting to a Jewish forced labor conscript that he remove the Mogen David he was wearing. The incident occured on a streetcar and was witnessed by an official of the Finance Ministry who summoned the police. Dr. Siklossy was charged with “violating the anti-Jewish regulations, slandering the nation and inciting against discipline in the armed forces.”

Reports in other Budapest papers indicate that the confiscation of the property of Jewish landowners continues. In the cities of Rabakovaci, Szemenye, Aloszolnik, Rabagyarmat, such property has allegedly been given to wounded war veterans and widows of soldiers.