Nzo Asks Churchill to “drop” Palestine Mandate; Wants U.S. to Take It over
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Nzo Asks Churchill to “drop” Palestine Mandate; Wants U.S. to Take It over

The New Zionist Organization of America today addressed itself to Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who is now on a visit to the United States, asking him to “drop” the Palestine Mandate.

Asserting that “there is nothing the Jews can expect from Britain,” the NZO, in its appeal to Mr. Churchill, published as a paid advertisment in the New York Times, says that “acceptance of the mandate by the United Stated would be greeted with enthusiasm by the Jews the world over.” It points out that “Palestine does not belong to Britain” and charges the British Government with failing to discharge the international trust under the mandate to establish a Jewish National Home in Palestine and to facilitate Jewish immigration and close settlement on the land.

“All European nations concerned with the Jewish question would welcome an American Mandate over Palestine,” the appeal says. “Or, the Mandate might be turned over to a group of powers as recently suggested by Madame Chiang Kai-shek, If the system of mandates is to be abolished, the Jewish people will be ready to take upon itself the responsibility of governing and upbuilding the country. In either of these cases, Jews desperately in need of refuge would find there ‘a land with open doors and open hearts.’ This is not alone a Jewish problem. Certainly it is not a British problem. It is a world problem that must be solved for the benefit of all the peoples of the world. In the name of countless Jewish martyrs, in the name of the common interests of humanity, in the name of all ideals for which millions are today shedding their blood – Mr. Churchill, drop the Mandate”

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