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Anti-semitism Chief Plank in Election Platform of Two South African Parties

Anti-Semitism is one of the chief planks of two of the parties seeking to elect members of parliament in the general elections which will be held on July 7. The anti-British Herenigde (Nationalist) Party and the pro-Nazi Ossewa Brandwag (Ox Wagon Guards), which is a semi-military fascist party which has adopted the name of the early Boer pioneers, are both distributing campaign literature containing virulent anti-Jewish statements.

Several Jewish candidates, members of the government party, are assured of re-election as is the entire government slate, according to well informed political observers here. Had he wished, Prime Minister Smuts might have put off the elections until after the war, under the emergency regulations, but he decided to proceed as usual and hold elections at the expiration of the government’s present term.