Convention of Conservative Rabbis Denounces British White Paper
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Convention of Conservative Rabbis Denounces British White Paper

The Rabbinical Assembly of America went on record today denouncing the British White Paper “closing Palestine to further Jewish immigration at the end of May, 1944″ as a “breach of the pledged word not only of Great Britain but also of the 52 nations who were signatories to the mandate.”

In a resolution passed unanimously at the closing session of the 43rd annual convention of the Assembly it was urged that the “nations of the world take cognizance of the particularly tragic plight of European Jewry to open the doors of Palestine at once to those who can enter.” The resolution also urged that “other means of saving the victims from their executions” be found.

The Assembly, representing the Conservative rabbis in the United States, also urged the “establishment of a world order that would limit the sovereignity of nations to the extent necessary to have all future disputes judicated by the principles of justice and law.”

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