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Survivors of Warsaw Ghetto Forced to Work for Nazi Industries in Trawniki Camp

A report reaching here today from the underground movement in Poland states that a majority of the survivors of the Warsaw ghetto are now confined in the Trawniki concentration camp where the Nazi administration has established leather and shoe factories to make use of the Jewish artisans and the skilled Jewish shoemakers.

Official Czech circles here consider it unlikely that 50,000 Jews have been deported by the Nazi authorities from the fortress town of Therezin, in the Czech Protectorate, to “death camps” in occupied Poland in reprisal for the British bombing of the Ruhr dams, as reported this week by the Swedish newspaper Aftontidningen. They admit, however, that reprisals against Jews may have been taken by the Nazis as a result of the report that the Ruhr dams were bombed at the suggestion of a Jewish refugee from Germany now in London.