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Nazis Murdered 10,000 Jews in Retaliation for British Destruction of Ruhr Dams

Neutral travelers reaching here today from Germany stated that 10,000 Jews were killed by the Nazis as a result of the report by British newspapers that it was a Jewish refugee from the Reich who suggested that the British demolish the dams in the Ruhr by aerial bombardment.

Although the London report was later denied by the British military authorities, who disclosed that the Royal Air Force had worked for many months on the plan to bomb the Ruhr dams, the Nazis utilized this report “to take revenge” on the Jews, these travelers declared.

A Nazi-controlled Dutch newspaper reaching here today from Holland reports that the German occupation authorities are using the Schaffelaans estate in Barneveld as a special internment camp for a small number of Jews “who have done good service for Holland and whose value is still recognized.”