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Italians and Germans Utilizing Allied Invasion of Sicily to Attack Jews

Both the Italian and German radio and press are utilizing the Allied invasion of Sicily for renewed attacks against the Jews and to bolster their oft-repeated charge that the Allies are fighting a “Jewish war.”

The Rome radio was heard here today describing the raid on that city as being carried out by “American air gangsters led by a Jewish general, Brigadier-General Levy.” (Informed quarters in the United States state that there is no brigadier-general named Levy attached to the American air forces.)

The Nazi party’s press service, commenting on General Sir Harold Alexander’s annulment of all racial laws in Sicily, alleges that there are no Jews in Sicily and that General Alexander’s action is “symbolic” of the Allied war aims. The Nazi press officer in the Wilhelmstrasse, Schmidt, at a press conference of neutral journalists, also pointed to the fact that one of the first acts of AMGOT in Sicily was restoration of civil rights to Jews.