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Palestine Jews Fear That American Jewish Conference May “efface Zionist Demands”

Jewish leaders in Palestine are perturbed over a report from New York published in Davar, Hebrew Labor daily, stating that the forthcoming American Jewish Conference “might efface Zionist demands.” The report adds that American Zionist leaders “may yield to the non-Zionists and retreat from the program embodied in the Biltmore Declaration,” which demands that Palestine be established as a Jewish Commonwealth.

So great is the interest here in the decisions which the American Jewish Conference may adopt, that the Jewish National Council was approached today by leaders of various Zionist groups who requested it to convoke the Assefath Hanivcharim, the Jewish National Assembly, for the purpose of issuing an appeal to the American Jewish Conference “to adhere to the Zionist solution of the Jewish problem.” It is understood that Rabbi Meyer Berlin, president of the World Mizrachi Organization, who is now in the United States, was advised by cable not to return for the time being to Palestine and to attend the Conference which is to open in New York on September 29.