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Palestine Jews Dance in Streets at News of Italy’s Surrender

Aged Orthodox Jews danced in the streets under the light of the moon when news of Italy’s capitulation reached them as they were assembled in the synagogues offering the traditional prayers on the occasion of the new moon. Many worshippers hurried to the Wailing Wall where they spent the night reciting prayers of thanksgiving.

The news of the surrender, which coincided with the third anniversary of the first bombing of Tel Aviv by Italian planes, created a carnival atmosphere in Jerusalem. Crowds assembled, congratulating each other and singing. Passers-by were kissed by or kissed pretty girls. Special editions of the newspapers appeared with streamer headlines, while motion picture houses flashed bulletins on their screens.

Leading Jewish institutions, it was learned today, are planning to address an appeal to the United Nations, urging them to allow Balkan Jews to flee into Italy from where they could proceed to Palestine.