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Board of Deputies Votes to Continue Discussions with Anglo-jewish Association

After a protracted discussion last night, the Board of Deputies of British Jews voted to continue negotiations with the Anglo-Jewish Association, looking towards closing the split in the ranks of British Jewry, which resulted from the severance of the 65-year-old agreement between the two groups early in July.

Addressing last night’s session, at which delegates of Jewish labor groups were represented for the first time, Prof. Selig Brodetsky, president of the Board, threatened to resign unless “internal squabbles within the community cease.” Prof. Brodetsky voiced the Jewish community’s joy at the surrender of Italy, pointing out that a large number of Jews have been saved from extermination as a result. He also paid tribute during his address to the late Judge Julian Mack, Prof. Ismar Elbogen, noted historian, and Lord Wedgwood.