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Congress Receives Plea to Waive Immigration Restrictions for Religious Refugees

Immediate admission to the United States of bone fide political and religious refugees was urged in a resolution introduced in the House of Representatives by Rep. Samuel Dickstein of New York when Congress reconvened today.

The resolution urged that “an administrative policy be adopted to admit to the United States for a period not exceeding six months after hostilities have ceased between the Allied and Axis nations such persons now residing in continental Europe who desire to come to the United States and who can establish to the satisfaction of any American consol before whom they may appear that they are bone fide political or religious refugees.”

It further urged that “as time is strictly of the essence in the success of the purpose of the joint resolution, the Secretary of State and Attorney General are urged to issue their joint regulations to carry into effect the purpose of this joint resolution as soon as it is possible following its passage.”

In a statement to the press, Rep. Dickstein explained that “it is not the intention of the resolution to grant permanent admission to anyone. As a matter of fact, it is expressly stated that the people will be permitted to remain here for the duration only and that they will have to leave the country at the latest six months after hostilities have ceased between Allied and Axis nations.”