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Moscow Tri-power Parley Will Consider Jewish Problem, Prof. Brodetsky Hopes

The hope that the problem of the Jewish people will be on the agenda of the forthcoming tri-power conference to be held in Moscow was voiced here last night by Prof. Selig Brodetsky, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, addressing 3,000 persons at a reception for Prof. Solomon Mikhoels and Lt. – Col. Itzik Feffer, the Jewish cultural delegation from the Soviet Union. Because of transportation difficulties, the guests of honor were not present, not having arrived in Britain from the United States.

Pointing out that the visit of Mikhoels and Feffer was a symbol of the fact that Soviet Jewry has reestablished contact with the Jews in the rest of the world, Prof. Brodetsky stated that “as a fifth of the Jewish people perishes, another fifth return.” Referring to the Swedish offer to receive the Danish Jews, he asked why Britain, the United States and Russia had not approached the Nazis offering to receive the Jews.