Bishop Says Attacks on Jews in Boston is Not Work of Hoodlums
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Bishop Says Attacks on Jews in Boston is Not Work of Hoodlums

Methodist Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam of Boston in a statement to the press last night charged that the recent outbreaks of anti-Jewish violence in the Jewish-populated sections of Boston are not the work of hoodlums, but of organized fascist groups.

"The beating of Jewish boys must stop," the Bishop’s formal statement set forth. "The beaters must be apprehended and punished. The beating of any boys by gangs is bad enough at any time. The beating of boys of a particular race is worse. But the real menace lies in the apparent fact that these beatings are an expression of incipient fascism, that they follow a similar pattern, and that, in one case, at least, the beaters wore black shirts."

Posing the question of who is financing the distribution of anti-Jewish literature throughout the United States, the Bishop’s statement continues: "The beating of Jewish boys is not the work of hoodlums. It is not a prank that can be passed by with complacency. Jewish and Protestant leaders regard these beatings as serious. Far from home, our sons are fighting to destroy fascism. It must not be allowed to exist at home."

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