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American Red Cross Official Asks Lifting of Ban on Sending Food to Occupied Europe

Fear that food for the children of German-occupied Europe would be diverted by the Nazis was called unfounded today by Maurice pate, director of the Prisoners War Relief of the American Red Cross.

“Despite the terrible persecution of the Jews by the Germans in Poland,” he testified, “sixteen percent of $60,000 worth of medical supplies sent through the International Red Cross in December, 1941, went to Jewish institutions in Poland. The Red Cross has the receipts to prove this.” Mr. Pate appeared before a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee in support of a resolution urging the U.S., Britain, Sweden and Switzerland to set up immediately a relief system “for all stricken and hungry countries where the need is new most acute.”

Testifying before the same body, Dr. Howard E. Kershner, former European relief director of the Society of Friends, charged that “a few men in London” are blocking shipment of food to starving European children.