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Arab Scheme for Palestine Stands No Chance Without America’s Approval, Paper Says

The role which the United States may play in the settlement of the Palestine problem is emphasized today in the London newspaper “Economist” in an article commenting on the “Green Book” submitted by Arab leaders to the British representative in Cairo in which special rights for Jews and Christians in an Arab Palestine are offered.

Revealing that the Iraq government is the originator of the “Green Book,” the article says that the proposals therein suggest the merging of Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Transjordan into a single state to be federated with Iraq by a union which other Arab states will also be able to join. “The plan provides elaborate guarantees for national minorities, especially for Jews in Palestine,” the article declares.

“This, or similar plans,” the article continues, “stand little chance without the backing of the great powers concerned in the Middle East. No Christian or Jewish minority will accept such scheme, unless a treaty of relations is established with the British, French and American governments guaranteeing the presence of their garrisons.”