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Jewish Labor Committee Not Joining Interim Committee, but Will Stay in Conference

The Jewish Labor Committee announced today that it will remain in the American Jewish Conference, but will not participate in the Interim Committee of the Conference, which has been established to direct the affairs of the organization until its next meeting some time in the future.

An official statement released by the Committee declares:

After two sessions which the Jewish Labor Committee held on the question of its further relation with the American Jewish Conference, it adopted the following decision:

Taking into consideration that the American Jewish Conference has not completed its work and has postponed its further sessions until some time in the future, and

Taking into consideration that the Jewish Labor Committee participated in framing a number of decisions of the conference, such as the rescue of Jews, Jewish post-war demands in Europe, the abolition of the White Paper and Jewish immigration to Palestine,

The executive committee has decided:

1 – To remain in the American Jewish Conference

2 – To cooperate with the American Jewish Conference in all matters which are within the scope of the activities of the Jewish Labor Committee, and in accordance with its decisions.

3 – The Jewish Labor Committee will not participate in the Interim Committee.