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London Times Says White Paper Depends on Arab-jewish Cooperation Which Does Not Exist

A Jerusalem correspondent of the London Times in a dispatch appearing in that paper today analyzes the conflicting interpretations of the White Paper by the Arabs, the British and the Jews, pointing out that the “White Paper implies Jewish-Arab cooperation to jointly govern the country, but so far there are few signs of such cooperation.

The correspondent voices the opinion that if the terms of the White Paper are carried out next year, and Jewish immigration, without Arab consent, is stopped, the Jewish reactions will be “immediate and strong.” On the other hand, he writes, failure to carry out the policy will have “important repercussions in the Arab countries where the White Paper is considered the touchstone of British good faith.”

The article says the Arabs consider the White Paper the final, considered statement of British policy in Palestine; some British officials feel it is a springboard for future attempts to bring the Arabs and Jews together, “without which there can be no independent Palestine;” while the Jews feel it is a policy of appeasement.