Jewish Guerilia Unit in Poland Avenges “liquidated” Ghettos; Kills Officials
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Jewish Guerilia Unit in Poland Avenges “liquidated” Ghettos; Kills Officials

A unique Jewish guerilla unit, numbering more than young Jews who escaped from the liquidated ghettos in various sections of occupied and, is now terrorizing Germans in the Lublin district, it was reported here today Jewish leaders from Poland.

The unit is known all over Poland as “Ghetto Guerillas” and publishes its own undestine newspaper under the title “The Ghetto Guerilla.” The members of the unit ?centrate chiefly on the killing of German officials responsible for massacres of ##. Their publication claims that they have succeeded in “liquidating” many Germans ## participated in the liquidation of the ghettos of Lublin and Ctwock. The unit was ganized by Warsaw Jewish youths who escaped after the Battle of Warsaw Ghetto. They are later joined by Jewish youths from Bialystok, Lublin, Vilna and Lodz.

The Polish clandestine publication Rzecypospolita Polska received here, today ports that the Polish underground movement has put to death a Warsaw Pole, Boguslaw in Pilnik, for denouncing Jews to the Gestapo. Pilnik delivered hiding Jews to the ?man authorities after first defrauding them under false promises of their money ? valuables.

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