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No Jews Remain in Nazi-occupied Croatia, Registration of Jews in Slovakia Started

The Budapest correspondent of the Stockholm newspaper Dagens Nyheter reports today that he has learned reliably that not a single Jew remains in Nazi-occupied Croatia. All of the Jewish residents have either been deported or killed.

The correspondent adds that leaders of the Ustachi, the Croatian storm-troops who have been responsible for the murder of thousands of Jews, are now living in the homes of wealthy Jews who were massacred. Officials of the puppet government and members of the German occupation forces have also taken over former Jewish dwellings.

The registration of all Jews in Slovakia started yesterday in accordance with the special order issued last week at the request of the German authorities, it was reported today from Budapest by the Hungarian news agency “Mit,” It will be completed within one week, after which the Jews will be handed over to German authorities for deportation to Poland, the Hungarian news agency stated.