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Polish Jewish Bodies in America Support Polish Government in Conflict with Russia

The Polish Telegraphic Agency today reported that the Representation of Polish Jewry in America has sent a cable to the Polish Prime Minister stating: “In this hour of crisis, the Representation of Polish Jewry in America wishes to assure you, Mr. Prime Minister, that Polish Jewry stands ready, together with the entire Polish nation, and with the government of the Republic, to defend the rights of Poland.”

The American Representation of the General Jewish Workers’ Union of Poland adopted a resolution on the Polish-Russian conflict emphasizing that “everything possible must be done to secure a speedy liquidation of this conflict.”

“The peaceful cooperation of nations cannot be achieved through using power, nor by dictatorship of the strong over the weak, but on the basis of complete equality of nations,” the resolution says. “As long as there is no organization yet existing which would embody all nations as equals, the best way to solve the Polish-Russian conflict remains the arranging of a conference between the Polish and the Russian Governments with the participation of the United States and England.”