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Congressional Hearings on Palestine Resolution Adjourned Until Tuesday

The House Foreign Affairs Committee hearings on the resolution calling for free Jewish immigration into Palestine and “the ultimate establishment” of a Jewish Commonwealth there, adjourned yesterday evening until next Tuesday.

Prior to closing the committee heard a statement on behalf of Philip Murray, president of the Congress of Industrial Organizations, endorsing the resolution. “We are particularly proud of the outstanding achievements of Jewish labor in Palestine,” Mr. Murray said. “We believe that the progress of the Jewish National Home should be permitted to continue unimpeded and unimpaired, particularly in view of the tragic plight of hundreds of thousands of Jews in Europe, and the necessity of providing for them a place of resettlement and rehabilitation after the war.”

Rabbi James G. Heller of Cleveland said 85 or 90 percent of American Jews favor the resolution, the opposition constituting a very small minority. Zionists want no theocratic state in Palestine, he added, and have no intention of disfranchising the Arabs. He stressed that establishment of the Jewish state would in no way impair the loyalty of American Jews.