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Stricter Anti-jewish Measures Demanded in France; Gestapo Raids Jewish Offices

The German-controlled Paris radio today demanded stricter enforcement of the anti-Jewish laws in France, complaining that “Frenchmen do not yet realize the full implication of the Jewish danger.” The broadcast demanded that the Commissariat for Jewish Affairs be cleared of men “whose aim is to protect Jews from all restrictions.”

French circles here report that German soldiers and members of the Gestapo broke into the building of the Savoy Jewish Union in Chambery recently and seized all records. Persons found in the offices were beaten and eight were shot when they attempted to flee. Ten arrests were made.

A few days after that, the Germans arrested all the Jews in the town of Chalons, among whom was a 17-month-old infant, and placed them in the local police station pending their being sent to concentration camps. When rumors spread throughout the town that the Germans were refusing to feed the infant, an angry crowd gathered around the police station and demanded that they be given custody of the baby. Even the mayor of Chalons intervened, but he was told by the Nazis not to interfere.