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Representatives of Polish Jews Demand Commutation of Court-martial Sentences

The Representation of Polish Jewry in America today cabled a protest to the Polish Government in London concerning the sentences imposed by a Polish court-martial on 21 Jewish soldiers who left the Polish Army because of anti-Semitism and sought to join the British forces. The Representation demanded that the sentences be annuled.

The cable pointed out that Jewish soldiers who fought valiantly in the Polish Army during the defense of warsaw, in Narvik, in Tobruk and are fighting now in the Polish Army-in-Exile have been mistreated, and that the Polish Government has never taken note of the concrete proposals submitted by Polish-Jewish leaders to combat anti-Semitism in the army.

The American Federation of Polish Jews has also cabled to the Polish Government demanding commutation of the sentences imposed by the court-martial. The cable, which also emphasized that among the convicted soldiers are many veterans of the campaigns in Poland and France, demanded that Jewish soldiers be guaranteed equal treatment in the Polish forces.