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Hungary Will Shift Jews to Places Exposed to Allied Bombing, Official Announces

The Commissioner for Jewish Affairs in Hungary, Dr. Lazlo Endre, today announced over the Budapest radio that the Nazi-controlled Hungarian Government has decided to “solve” the Jewish problem partly by deporting Jews from places of comparative safety to zones exposed to bombing by Anglo-American fliers

Budapest papers are demanding that Jews in Hungary be regarded as hostages responsible for damages and loss of life suffered by Hungarians during air raids. The papers, reaching here today from Hungary, carry severe attacks against Hungarians who display sympathy for Jews wearing the yellow badge.

The Ministry of the Interior, meanwhile, announced that wearers of the yellow badge are prohibited from using public baths. Several “ghetto baths” have been set aside exclusively for the use of Jews. Another decree issued today cancels all licenses held by Jewish pharmacists as of June 30. Cancellation of such licenses had originally been slated to extend over a four-year period beginning in 1942.