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Russian Administration in Bessarabia Returns to Jews Property Confiscated by Rumanians

Jewish property in Bessarabia which was confiscated by the Rumanian authorities has been returned to its owners by the Soviet administration in the section of Bessarabia taken by the Red Army, it was reported today from Bucharest by the Transocean news agency, a Nazi propaganda bureau.

The report, apparently aimed at picturing the Red Army as defenders of the Jews also states that all anti-Jewish laws issued by the Rumanian Government were annulled in Bessarabia immediately after the entrance of the Russian units. “Not only have hundreds of stores and workshops been transferred to Jews in Bessarabia, but Red Army officials are even temporarily helping Jewish storekeepers to recover their merchandise from the local Rumanians.” the German report says.

The Bucharest radio today reported that three prominent Jews in the Rumanian city of Timisoara have been sentenced to six mouths imprisonment “for carrying on pro-Allied propaganda.”