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100,000 Hungarian Jews Have Been Executed in Polish Death Camp, Underground Reports

One-hundred thousand Hungarian Jews have been deported to Poland and executed in gas chambers in the notorious Oswiecim “death camp,” it is revealed in a message from official Polish authorities in Poland received here today.

The contents of the underground communication, which is dated June 14, were made known to Dr. Ignacy Schwarzbart, one of the Jewish deputies in the Polish National Council, who immediately conferred with Home Minister Tadeuz Romer concerning urgent measures to save those deportees who have not yet been massacred.

Schwarzbart also communicated with the World Jewish Congress, the Jewish Agency, Chief Rabbi Isaac Herzog of Palestine, Chief Rabbi Joseph Hertz of Great Britian and Dr. Chaim Weizmann, urging an immediate “world outcry” to halt the further slaughter of Hungarian Jewry. At the same time, he demanded a United Nations declaration warning that all ranks of the Gestapo will be held personally responsible for their crimes against the Jews.