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Hull Says People of U.S. Concerned over Murder of Jews in Hungary; Backs Protests

Secretary of State Cordell Hull today said that the people of the United States are greatly concerned over the murder and assassination of Jews going on in Hungary, largely at the instigation of the German Government. He said that many individuals, groups and organizations had been voicing their protests at the massacre and added that there cannot be too many joining in this protest.

The Secretary’s statement came in response to a request at his press conference that he comment on the House Foreign Affairs Committee approval of the resolution condemning the extermination of the Jews in Hungary.

Asked whether the Moscow declaration applied to the situation of the Hungarian Jews, Hull said he would be glad if that part of the declaration dealing with atrocities would be recalled. The Moscow declaration warns that those responsible for atrocities will be sent back to the countries where their “abominable deeds” were done to be judged and punished according to the laws of the liberated countries and of the free governments to be set up.