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Palestine Terrorist Wants High Commissioner and Ben-gurion to Testify at His Trial

A demand that High Commissioner Sir Harold MachMichael and David Ben-Gurion, chairman of the Jewish Agency executive, be summoned to testify at his trial was made today by Raphael Birnbaum, accused terrorist, when proceedings opens before a military court. Birnbaum, who is a member of the outlawed Stern Gang, is charged with firing on the police in Tel Aviv on May 5, and illegal possession of a revolver, 26 rounds of ammunition and a hand grenade.

Birnbaum said that he wanted MacMichael to appear in order that it might be shown that “he did not come here to fulfill the last hope of the Jewish nation and carry out Britain’s obligations as mandatory.” Ben-Gurion, the defendant said, could “show that the entire Jewish people are embittered, and are accusing the British Government of being an accessory to the wholesale murder of European Jewry.” The president of the court took Birnbaum’s request under consideration. The influential labor newspaper Davar commenting upon recent Sternist statements says they are bringing great harm and damage to the Jewish cause.