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Rumanians Hide Jews from Gestapo Until Town is Taken by Russian Army

The Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee today reported that many of the 300 Jewish families in the Rumanian town of Staroshentzi, now in the hands of the Russians, were saved from death by non-Jews and kept hidden for many months until the town was taken by the Red Army.

The report names Stepan Burleku, a forest watchman, as one of the Rumanians who saved a number of Jews who were held for three weeks at the local railway station awaiting deportation to Transnistria. An agronomist named Paskaranu is also credited with saving a number of Jews. After the issued persons were sheltered in the woods for some time, the two Rumanians provided them with peasant clothes and placed them at work in the fields and in the forest.

A number of Rumanian janitors are also praised for sheltering Jews despite the warning issued by the Gestapo that in the event of a Jew being found hidden in their buildings, they would be executed together with the fugitive.