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Britain Will Not Act on Palestine Until Indian Question Solved, Says Labor Party Leader

Britain will not adopt a clear-cut final policy in regard to Palestine until the Indian question is solved. Emanuel Shinwell, Labor Party leader in Commons, said today in an interview appearing in the London Jewish Chronicle.

“In the meantime,” Shinwell stated, “I strongly urge Zionists to concentrate on economic and purely materialistic Jewish developments in Palestine. That is the thing that counts with the British Government and people. The more valuable they make themselves economically and materialistically, the more consideration and respect they will receive from Britain which has absolutely no interest in Jews as Jews or in the future of Jewry.”

Shinwell said that there were no indications that anti-Semitism in Britain was increasing, but expressed the belief that there might be a wave of anti-Semitism in the post-war period intensified for unscrupulous political purposes. “My advice to individual Jews,” he stated, “is always fight the anti-Semite. Do not take an apologetic, explanatory line, but hit out, and hit hard every time.”