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Elections Held in Palestine Despite Boycott by Some Groups; 6% of Voters Cast Ballots

Only sixty percent of the 350,000 Jews in Palestine who are entitled to vote for members of the Assefath Ranivcharim, the Jewish National Assembly of Palestine, participated in the elections which took place yesterday, it was estimated today.

No final returns are available as yet. Boycotting the elections were the members of the Sephardic Community, the Jewish Farmers Association, the Zionist Revisionist Party and members of the General Zionist Party, group “B.” On the basis of early returns it is believed the Palestine Labor Party will win the largest number of seats in the Assembly.

Yesterday’s elections were the first for the Assofath Hanivoharim in thirteen years. The parties which boycotted the elections issued statements today declaring that they will not recognize the new Assembly which is the supreme parliamentary body of the Jews of Palestine. Spokesmen for these parties told representatives of the press that they will not be satisfied with passive opposition and will launch an active offensive against the new Assembly as soon as the complete results of yesterday’s elections are announced.