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Zionist-revisionists Appeal to Jewish Extremists to Chase Terror in Palestine

The Zionist Revisionist Party of Palestine today addressed an appeal to Jewish extremists to cease their terroristic attacks against government institutions. It stressed that these acts are harmful to the Jewish cause.

The appeal, published in Hamashid, official Revisionist organ, says: “Again we must tell the youth that this is not the right way. The recent outrages are not useful to the Jewish people and its aspirations. Such acts not only detract the world’s attention from rescue problems, but also the attention of the yishur.”

Terming the terrorism senseless, the appeal continues: “Shots and explosions silence the clamour of our brethren in need. Those who think otherwise are mistaken. Since these who have chosen terrorism speak about Hebrew patriotism, they ought to listen to the voice of the people and not assume the authority of determining the Jewish policy at their own discretion, a policy which is in conflict with general national interests.”