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Germans Massacring Jews in Arras Menaced by Advancing Allied Armies

Beset on all sides by Allied armies which are liberating large sections of Nazi-occupied territory, the Germans in the parts of Europe menaced by the Allied advances are wreaking a terrible vengeance on those Jews who still remain in their power, it is indicated today in reports reaching here.

The German radio announced that many Jews have been killed during violent “demonstrations” in the fascist-held provinces of Rumania. Asserting that the Jews there went into hiding after “Michael’s betrayal,” the Nazi broadcaster said that Horia Sima, Rumanian anti-Semitic leader, has proclaimed ” a merciless fight against Bulshevik traitors and Jews.”

German newspapers published in upper Silesia, in the section of Poland still occupied by the Nazis, report that “Jews and Communists have been mercilessly liquidated” in the Dambrown region, which is north-east of Cracow.

Other German newspapers reaching here confirm the reports that Jews are participating in the battle in the streets of Warsaw. They also charge that Jews are helping the advanced units of the Russian Army in Rumania.