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Arab Press Rejects Suggestion Jewish State Be Included in Pan-arab Union

The question of a pan-Arab union is a major topic of comment and speculation in the Arab press following the announcement that a pan-Arab congress will convene in Alexandria on Sept.29.

Replying to a recent suggestion by the London Times, that any project for a Greater Syria-which would be a preliminary to a larger Arab Union – should leave room for the inclusion of a Jewish National Home, the influential weekly Al Mussawar says that plans for an Arab union should not be dictated “by the Times or Downing street.”

Meanwhile, the Arab press continues to support Arab claims in Palestine. The newspaper El Masri, organ of the Wafd, the Egyptian Government party, criticizes the Palestine Government for its “leniency” toward Jewish terrorists, and voices the hope that the Arabs’ “exemplary self-restraint” will be rewarded by the Allies after the war.