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Paris Radio Reports Release of All Interned Jews Throughout Liberated France

The release of all Jews from internment camps in the liberated parts of France was announced today over the Paris radio.

The Bratislava radio today reported that a Bratislava Jew. Dr. Kohn, who escaped from a Slovak labor camp, has been named a member of the Czechoslovak National Committee in Bank-Bystrica which is now occupied by partisans awaiting the entrance of Russian troops into Czechoslovakia.

German newspapers reaching here report increased anti-Jewish measures in Slovakia and in Hungary. The Slovak press utilizes the uprisings of Slovakian partisans in various sections of the country to accuse Jews of organizing and leading partisan units and to ask for stricter measures against them. “Vigorous elimination of Jews” is also demanded in broadcasts over the Nazi-controlled Bratislava radio which constantly emphasizes that Jews are leading the partisans in Slovakia.