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Jewish Experts Will Aid Bulgarian Government in Returning Confiscated Property to Jews

Jewish experts will assist the Bulgarian Government in setting up machinery for returning confiscated property to Jews, it was officially announced here today.

The announcement, made over the Sofia radio, said that the problem of arranging the return of confiscated Jewish property is complicated, “There are many cases where Jews made fictitious property transfers to Bulgarians,” it pointed out, “Under the new democratic regime such property will automatically be returned to the lawful owner. There are also cases of fraud. Public authorities will find out the truth about such fraudulent transfers and act in favor of those wronged.”

Property sold under compulsion or confiscated by the authorities will be returned by the state to the Jewish owners, the broadcast emphasized. “There remain to be settled,” it said, “the question of assets wherein judicial obligations have arisen between the state and private interests, that is when property or firm rights have been transferred to third persons, or when other obligatory relations have been incurred in the course of the last few years. The solution of this question will be reached in complete understanding with Jewish leaders and with the aid of Jewish experts.”