French Cabinet Decides to Restore Confiscated Property to Jews
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French Cabinet Decides to Restore Confiscated Property to Jews

Jewish property confiscated under the anti-Jewish laws of the Vichy regime will be returned to the former owners, it was officially announced here today. This was decided at a Cabinet meeting this week.

It is understood that a special office will be established by the Government to take up the claims of Jews requesting the return of their confiscated possessions. Many complications are expected, since thousands of Jews whose property was confiscated were among those deported to extermination camps in Poland.

Many administrators of “Aryanized” Jewish property disappeared after the liberation of Paris. It is assumed that they either retreated with the German armies, or changed their places of residence in order to avoid punishment. However, many Jewish enterprises “Aryanized” by Vichy officials were listed with the central Jewish body established in Paris under the occupation to deal with affairs of the Jewish community, and are now in the hands of Jewish leaders here.

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