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U.S. Bureaus in Quandary Concerning Citizenship Status of Babies Born at Fort Ontario

Three babies about to be born at the Emergency Refugee Shelter at Oswego, N.Y. are raising citizenship questions which are puzzling the best legal brains of Washington’s Treasury, Justice, and Interior Departments. The question involved is, Are these babies about to be born on United States soil entitled to United States citizenship?

War Relocation Authority officials have thrown up their hands at the question and expect it to go to the Attorney General for solution. The Department of Justice frankly admits that it does not now have the answer.

According to U.S. immigration and naturalization laws, any person born on United States soil, regardless of the nationality of the parents, is entitled to U.S. citizenship. Is Fort Ontario United States soil? Do the children of refugees in this country on an emergency basis thus become Americans?

In view of the number of newly weds among the refugees-there have been several marriages since the group reached the United States–the number of puzzlers for the legal staffs of Washington Departments may be expected to increase in number beyond the present prospective three.