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Rumanian Government Ready to Re-instate 20,000 Dismissed Jewish Employees with Back Pay

The Rumanian Government is ready to re-instate 20,000 Jewish employees who were dismissed from their jobs by the pro-Nazi regime, it has announced here today by Dr. William Filderman, president of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Rumania.

Dr. Filderman told the correspondent of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that the Government has promised to pay the dismissed Jewish employees salary for the period since their dismissal.

The order issued by the Rumanian Government over the week-end calling up for military service all Jews in the classes of 1941-46 was received by Jewish leaders here with great satisfaction since it provides for the admission of Jews into the Rumanian Army for the first time since Rumania entered the war. Hitherto Jews were taken for forced labor only. The order stipulates that Jewish students are to serve in the army for one year. Others are to serve two years.