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Celler Charges Anti-jewish Laws Still in Force in Rumania

Rep. Emanuel Celler, New York Democrat, today charged that with the signing of the Russe-Rumanian armistice “the rights of Jews were restored on paper but not in actuality.” He cited a press report of the desperate condition of the surviving Rumanian Jews because the Rumanian Government has failed to enact a law to force employers to reinstate Jews to their former jobs and has taken no action to restore Jewish property and normal rights.

In answer to the denial, on Monday, by Soviet Ambassador Andrei A. Gromyko that anti-Jewish laws are still in effect in certain portions of Russian-occupied Rumania, Cellar wrote. “It is the old dodge of the voice of Jacob but the hand of Esau. The Soviet Government in my humble opinion has a keen responsibility here. I do not intend to be unduly critical but I do deem it necessary to face the facts. I likewise deem it imperative for the Soviet Union to examine these facts to the end that appropriate remedies be applied so that the restoration of full rights for the Jews in Rumania be translated from mere words on paper into action.”