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Two Members of Vichy Militia Condemned to Death for Murder of Georges Mandel

Two members of the Vichy militia were condemned to death yesterday for complicity in the assassination of Georges Mandel, Minister of the Interior in the Reynaud Cabinet at the time of France’s capitulation. Mandel, who was Jewish, was killed last July, at which time the Germans announced that he met his death when members of the French Forces of the Interior attacked a car in which he was being transferred from one prison to another.

The two condemned men, Georges Neron and Pierre Beoro, were bodyguards for two militia officials and a German officer who supervised the execution, which took place in the Fontainebleau Forest. The actual killing was done by Georges Mansuy, who fired 16 shots into Mandel’s body. Mansuy, his Vichy associate and the German officer have not been found.