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President of Zionist Movement in Rumania Resigns; Clashes with Zionist Laborites

M. Zissu, Zionist leader, today resigned from the presidency of the united executive of all Zionist groups in the country as a result of a conflict which developed between him and the Zionist Laborite party.

It is understood that the conflict arose over the decision of the Zionist Laborites to participate in the General Jewish Council which the Rumanian Government established, at the recommendation of Dr. William Filderman, to act as a central Jewish political body in Rumania. Mr. Zissu, as head of the Zionist movement in Rumania, is opposed to the establishment of such a Council. He is supported by the Jewish Party, which represents nationalist Jews.

The Zionist Laborite Party, Poale Zion, and its youth organization, for the first time in its history took part last week in a pro-Russian demonstration, when they participated in a parade held on the 27th anniversary of the Soviet Revolution in Russia.