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251 Jewish Terrorist Suspects Deported from Palestine Are Now Confined in Eritrea

The 251 Jewish terrorist suspects who were deported from Palestine several weeks ago by plane are confined in a camp in British prison in northeastern Africa, it was revealed today.

In letters to relatives living in Petach Tikvah, the deportees wrote that they are being held in a mountain camp in the jungle, which has a climate similar to Palestine.

Dr. Chaim Weizmann, who arrived in Palestine yesterday, today motored to Rehovoth, where he has a home. He was accompanied by his wife and L. Linton, political secretary of the Jewish Agency in London. He was greeted by a parade of Jewish special policemen. Dr. Weizmann is expected to participate in the deliberations of the executive of the Jewish Agency and the Small Zionist Actions Committee, which are to be held this Sunday.

High Commissioner Viscount Gort today visited the Poale-Mizrachi settlement of Kfar Etzion, midway between Jerusalem and Hebron, where he made a detailed inspection tour. He was ceremoniously greeted by the settlers.