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Hungarian Government Forms Church Group to Counter Condemnation of Anti-semitism

Irked by church condemnation of its persecution of Jews, the German-controlled Hungarian Government of Premier Ferene Szalasi has established an ecclesiastical group of its own.

A newspaper issued by the government-dominated organization, which alleges that it represents all churches, says that the Old Testament is the world of God, and nothing of its text can be altered. However, it continues, today’s Jewry has nothing in common with the Jews of the Bible.

The church, it adds, has been carrying on a “2,000-year-old law suit” against the Jews and must look at the Jewish problem as a political one to be settled by the state. Christian churches, it concludes, must keep “the problem of the Old Testament separate from the Jewish problem.”

The Hungarian press received here today reports that three persons have been arrested on charges of selling forged Swedish protection certificates to Jews.