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Jewish Member of Czechoslovakian Government Delegation Arrives in Moscow

Dr. A. Rosenberg, a member of the Czechoslovak Government delegation to the liberated areas of Czechoslovakia, who is charged with studying conditions of the Jews in those areas, arrived here today en route to the liberated sections of his country.

Dr. Rosenberg will travel from Moscow to Czech territory via Lublin and will receive the full cooperation of the Polish Committee for National Liberation which informed the Czechoslovak Government that a number of Czech Jews who were deported by the Germans to Poland are now registered with the Jewish relief committee in Lublin. The Jewish member of the Czechoslovak Government delegation expects to meet with the Czech Jews in Lublin and, if possible, arrange for them to return home.

A conference between Dr. Rosenberg and leaders of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee took place here today at which the latter expressed its readiness to co-operate with Jews in liberated Czechoslovakia in various aspects of Jewish life. The Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee also appointed Dr. Rosenberg a member of the editorial board of the “Black Book” which is now being prepared by the committee in Moscow. It contains documents on German extermination of Jews in occupied territories.