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Law Punishing Anti-jewish Elements As War Criminals Drafted in Rumania

The draft of a law providing for punishment of war criminals was made public here today by the Rumanian Minister of Justice. It specifies that those found guilty of participating in the persecution of Jews will come within the category of war criminals. They include:

1. People who ordered cruelties inflicted on the Jewish population, or who themselves committed such acts.

2. People who ordered the establishment of ghettos or concentration camps for Jews, or deported them beyond the boundaries of the country.

3. People who participated in the transportation of Jews for the purpose of mass-extermination.

4. People guilty of organizing excessively hard labor for Jews for the purpose of effecting their annihilation.

5. People guilty of ordering and applying inhuman treatment to Jews in concentration camps and in forced labor detachments.

6. People who proposed or issued decrees and regulations inspired by the Nazi racial laws, as well as those who carried out these decrees.

7. People who utilized the Rumanian racial laws to their own advantage to enrich themselves through the anti-Jewish measures.

The varying punishments provided by the law include capital punishment, hard labor for life and from five to twenty years at hard labor.