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Congressmen Introduce Tri-faith “pattern for Peace”; Asks Just World Order

Three congressmen of the Jewish, Catholic, and protestant faiths have introduced a concurrent resolution declaring that it is the desire and will of the U.S. Congress that a tri-faith pattern for peace, which sets forth minimum requirements for a just world order, should be adhered too

Reps. Samuel Weiss of Pennsylvania, Michael A. Feigman of Ohio, and Charles M. LaFollette of Indiana sponsored the measure which provides that:

1. The moral law must govern the world order; 2. The rights of the individual must be assured and that states as well as individuals must repudiate racial, religious or other discrimination; 3. The rights of the minority must be secured and national governments must respect and guarantee the rights of ethnic, religious and cultural minorities to economic livelihood, to equal opportunity for educational and cultural development, and to political equality; 4. International institutions to maintain peace with justice must be organized; 5. International economic cooperation must be developed; and 6. A just social order within each state must be achieved.