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Central Conference of American Rabbis Issues Statement on Race Relations in the U.S.

The Commission on Justice and Peace of the Central Conference of American Rabbis today issued a message on racial relations, hailing as one of the moral objects of this war the achievement of fellowship among all men.

The message expresses the sense of brotherhood of all Jews with members of all races and pledges to the colored races support in their struggle “for the equality which is their right in all spheres of human endeavor.” It welcomes the gains in racial justice achieved by the Fair Employment Practice Committee of the President and urges national legislation to make it permanent. It likewise recommends that every state set up a similar committee.

The message applauds the opening of new branches of service in the armed forces for colored men and women and pays tribute to the courage of Japanese-American soldiers. It recognizes that much must be done,” if we are to triumph over the tradition of hate, which sanctions Jim Crow laws with their accompaniment of bad housing, sub-standard wages and inadequate educational facilities.” The message was released by Rabbi Ferdinand M. Isserman, chairman of the Commission.