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Rumania Arrests Many Anti-semites As War Criminals; Spares Notorious Prof. Guza

A number of Rumanian officials responsible for the deportation of Jews from various parts of Rumania to Transnistria, where thousands died, during the German-Rumanian alliance, are among the war criminals arrested this week by the Rumanian Cabinet for trial by a special tribunal.

Among those seized are Georg Cuza, son of the notorious prof. Alexander Cuza, who, like his father, is violently anti-Semitic and a pro-Nazi. Brateson Voinesty, known as “the Julius Streicher of Rumania,” was also arrested.

The Rumanian liberal press today complains that prof. Cuza, himself, although one of the close collaborators of the Nazis, is not among those arrested. The official reason for not arresting him is that he is 87 years old.

Taking issue with this official explanation, Roumania Libera, one of the leading Bucharest newspapers, says that Cuza’s age must not be taken into consideration. “Many war criminals could escape punishment if their age were considered,” the paper warns. “The truth of the matter is that old professors used to poison young students by their propaganda lectures.”